Each Nutrition Magician® class has been crafted by Tom Ohling to command attention, fully involve participants and make a lasting impression.

If you want to experinece the seemingly impossible at your school then you want the unique nutrition education programs offered by Nutrition Magician®.

Dear Chef Tom,

If someone had told me we were going to have an assembly where 60 first and second graders would sit quietly for 40 minutes at the end of the day and not touch an orange, a knife, and a piece of paper that were right in front of them I would have said, “Impossible!”

If you added that they would each make a bird out of that orange without getting silly or talking and that a week later they would all still be able to construct and label a food pyramid and tell me how many servings of each a person should have, I would have said, “Really, really impossible”.

But it happened!

Thanks for an informative and fun lesson.

Pam Bierly, 1st-2nd grade teacher, Hilda Lahti School, Astoria

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Loved by audiences

“Thanks so much for being a speaker at conference. I learned more from your class than all of the rest. ”

— Wilma Hyde, OSFSA Conference

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Honored for commitment to quality education

American Culinary Federation President's Citation to Tom Ohling for education

from The American Culinary Federation

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“Your professionalism, high energy, preparedness and content knowledge made it easy for the group to relate their experiences to your information and motivate change.”

– Scott A. Milam Manager, Clark County District NW Natural

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A part of your team

ACF Good Guy honor to Tom Ohling nutrition educator

The ACF Chef & The Child Foundation Good Guy Award

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Recognized in the community

Firestone 100 national honor to Tom Ohling for service to others

Firestone 100 National Community Service Recognition

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Recognized for excellent childhood education

Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon honors Tom Ohling for childhood education programs

from Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon

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